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East India

Travel around the varied yet least explored parts of eastern India with Saromas exquisite packages custom made especially for any occasion you can think off …making holidaying a completely different experience with their exclusive packages….

The country’s chief tribal area, this region is divided into seven different states with distinct languages, traditions and cultures.

From the quiet inner sanctums of Orissa temples to the bustling streets of Kolkata (Calcutta), the magnificent Himalayas to the ancient tribal customs of these highlands, this unique blend of culture and nature is presented to you through our caringly packaged tours.

Welcome to Eastern India……….Saroma Holidays offers you Customized Tour Packages,Rent-A-Car and first-rate Accommodation facilities...

Come and experience these destinations which is a unique blend of nature and culture that has co-existed in harmony …..

The Eastern India has the following states:


Come and visit the cultural Orissa with Saromas customized tours ….

We design our tour according to your requirements. We mould ourselves according to each one of our customer's liking .Our special attention ensures a comfortable holiday right from the day you know us to the day you complete your tour.

West Bengal

Saroma invites you to experience West Bengal with its grand allure, religious flavour, strong culture and imperial monuments leaving an ineffaceable impression on its visitors.

The city which has many names: "Cultural Capital of India", "The city of Processions, "City of Joy" and so on…..is best explored with Saromas customized packages that offer highly efficient and systematic tours of the state.


With Saroma Holidays take a trip at your convenience to the pristine and un-spoilt natural beauty and peace loving people, Sikkim offers you a truly unique experience….