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Saroma welcomes you to this cultural land with incessant temples .Come and experience these temples, beautiful beaches and forests with our specially designed package tours just for you…


Saromas warm welcome to you to the capital of Orissa, Bhubaneswar (The Lord of the Universe).

The city derives its name from lord Shiva. Besides being the capital of ancient Kalinga, Bhubaneswar is also known as the “Temple City of India" due to its numerous temples in the overgenerous Orissan style.


Konark is one of the famous tourist pull of Orissa. Konark houses a massive temple devoted to the Sun God. The magnificent temple even in its ruined state reflects the intelligence of the architects that envisaged and built it.


Puri has been a special rendezvous for Indian and foreign beach lovers for decades now. The fine white sands of Puri beach and the roar of the waves from the Bay of Bengal have fascinated visitors throughout the ages.

The beaches of Orissa are secluded and the sight of tourists having entire stretch of the beach for themselves is not uncommon.

Visit these serene unperturbed beaches with Saromas Romantiscapes package-ideal for honeymooners ….

             konark temple 
Gopalpur by Sea

This small immaculate beach of Orissa is a splendid retreat for sea worshippers. It is located about 16-km from Berhampur. Once a buzzing seaport, Gopalpur offers its visitors calmness in environs that are beneficial for introspection.

Come discover this  holiday hide out with Saroma……Originally a small  a small fishing village on the coast of Orissa, it got its name from the  temple dedicated to Lord Krishna constructed during the 18th century. Apart from its temples, Gopalpur is also famous as a perfect winter resort and for its splendid beaches.

Gopalpur-by-Sea is a surfer's glee and brilliant for sailing.

Chilka Lake

Saroma takes you on a visit to Chilka Lake in Orissa - Asia's largest inland salt-water pond with our custom made packages made with just you in mind.

Scattered with small islands- including the picturesquely-named Honeymoon Island and Breakfast Island. The lake is separated from the Bay of Bengal by a sandy ridge. The pear-shaped lake is spread across 1,100 sq km, and has a unique ecosystem with a wide range of aquatic flora and fauna. An impressive array of bird life, both native and migrant, makes Chilka one of the best places in India for bird-watching.

Chandipur by Sea

Experience the sea retreats,melodious swinging of casuarinas tree and the white sand dunes in this overpoweringly beautiful place. The quiet and peaceful landscape of Chandipur enthralls the tourists….all this customized for you in our exquisite packages…