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This small immaculate beach of Orissa is a splendid retreat for sea worshippers. It is located about 16-km from Berhampur. Once a buzzing seaport, Gopalpur offers its visitors calmness in environs that are beneficial for introspection.

Come discover this  holiday hide out with Saroma……Originally a small  a small fishing village on the coast of Orissa, it got its name from the  temple dedicated to Lord Krishna constructed during the 18th century. Apart from its temples, Gopalpur is also famous as a perfect winter resort and for its splendid beaches.

Gopalpur-by-Sea is a surfer's glee and brilliant for sailing.

The East India Company built huge warehouses and go downs because the trade with Burma had picked up and Gopalpur had become a trading point for rice from Rangoon.

One can still see the deteriorated walls and pillars of the jetty, a silent witness to its past glory of commercial activity.

In earlier days, the wealthy Bengalis from Calcutta made it their holiday home.