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South India

Welcome to South India………. 

Saroma Holidays provides you with all the services and support you require for your tourism needs in South India. Providing Customized Tour Packages like Backwater Tourism, Houseboat Cruises, Heal & Holiday Packages, Romantiscapes packages, Family Tour Packages, Ayurveda, Educational Tourism, Rent-A-Car and first-rate Accommodation facilities...

Come and enjoy your holidays in this most enchanting part of the world...

The charming south; unscathed and peaceful throughout its history, holding on to Indian traditions gives us a real vision of what India is like…..

Doubtlessly the North India has taken away a big chunk of tourists with its Himalayan attractions, hill resorts and adventure sports, but when it comes to genuine exhilarating pleasure; it’s the vast coastal region that comes to mind. One of the most memorable experiences for travelers in India is to take a boat ride across the backwaters of Kerala. The rustic charm, bustling towns and cities have a lot to offer. Exquisite architecture, sculptures carved out of stones or rocks that seem to come to life taking one through the rich period of culture and history of the past. Those interested in exploring the spiritual legacy can go for our temple and pilgrimage tours.


The South India has four states:

Visit Kerala in South India and experience way of life that has changed a little in centuries with quiet beaches, gleaming paddy fields, extensive flora and fauna, reverberating waterfalls, flourishing green hill stations, enchanting  festivals,  exotic cuisine and Holistic holidays….  More

The Dravidian heartland of India-Tamil Nadu, with the most evident heritage of great temples, the largest landmarks and a vast network of sacred ….  More

Andhra Pradesh
The Andhra Pradesh  a state filled with amazing beaches, serene lakes, hill stations, dense forests, monuments, seafood, historic places, sanctuaries, spicy and finger licking  mango pickles, beautiful roads and good connectivity makes travel in Andhra Pradesh, the Kohinoor of India, worthwhile. Come discover Andhra Pradesh….  More 

Karnataka- a magnificent land with a glorious tradition, architecture and festivals. The land of stone architecture, its monuments speak  volumes about this  region that flourished under various rulers scattered with interesting palm-fringed beaches and the most extraordinary historic sites architecture and hill stations ….  More

If you are looking for a travel tour in India with a difference then Pondicherry is the place to go. This city is an attractive blend of colonial and Indian cultures….  More