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Peaceful and unscathed….. Kerala “a paradise for the travelers”… 

Come kindle your Passion on this tropical paradise with clean unperturbed beaches lined with beautiful coconut grooves, sweeping seas, warm tropical breezes, green mountains and lots of secluded resorts …One enchanting and romantic holiday …..Will lead to many more… Saroma makes this true with its exclusive ‘Romantiscapes’ (Romantic Escapes) packages to make it a memory to be treasured for a life-time…..

Discover Kerala ………Rediscover your Soul !!!!

  Munnar Clouds





Emancipate yourself amidst cool, tranquil backwaters, beaches, misty mountains, gorgeous green plains, flora & fauna.  Catch these glimpses of Kerala with personalized packages made just with you in mind by Saroma Holidays …..

Unperturbed stretches of backwaters in bright green, extensive water's edge  with quiet beaches, gleaming paddy fields, extensive flora and fauna, reverberating waterfalls, flourishing green hill stations, enchanting  festivals,  exotic cuisine and Holistic holidays... all collectively offer a unique experience. …….

The paramount criteria that contribute to the overall satisfaction and pleasure of tourists is accommodation. Kerala “God's Own Country” has gone beyond contemporary tourist destinations; it has world class facilities and options to accommodate tourists. You will enjoy seeing things that are an ultimate feast for your eyes, and indulge in activities that will easily brighten up your spirits and rejuvenate your body and mind. 

Listed by the National Geographic Traveler as a
• “Paradise Found"- one of only ten in the world, Kerala has many more epithets.
• “Destination of a lifetime"
• “Mecca of the oldest system of holistic medicine"
• “Fastest growing tourism market"
• “Cradle of oriental martial art"
• “India's only tourism Super brand"
• “Bio-diversity hotspot"
• “The most acclaimed destination of the millennium"