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History of Kerala has its prelude from a  legend which says that Parasurama , the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the Hindu Trinity, stood on a high place in the mountains, threw an axe far in to the sea, and commanded the sea to retreat. And the land that emerged all from the waters became Kerala, the land of plenty and prosperity.

An interesting legend on creation of Kerala has it that, Parasurama, the warrior sage regarded as the incarnation of Vishnu, created this land for the Brahmins. After meditating at Gokarnam (now part of Karnataka) and being blessed with boons from Varuna and Bhoomi Devi, the God of Oceans and the Goddess of Earth respectively, Parasurama went from Gokarna to Kanyakumari and threw his axe northwards across the water of Arabian Sea. And the land that rose from the sea till where the axe lay was called the land of Parasurama that is today's Gods Own Country, Kerala.

Geologists from the marine theological studies have proved that the landmass of Kerala was the result of a seismic activity. Today's agro climatic landscape, backwaters and waterlogged tracts, which cover one third of the total land, was a gradual evolution of nature.           

Another version of the scientific society is that the rivers of Kerala emptying into the Arabian Sea bring down enormous quantities of silt from the hills. The sand, which was transported back towards the shore by the ocean currents and the accumulation of silt in many years, formed the land of Kerala. 

In 1498, Vasco Da Gama, the Portuguese naval captain found the way to India by bribing an Arab pilot when his ship was anchored at Port Malindi off Kenya. India was known as a land of gold and spices. 

Portuguese and Dutch brought the agricultural crops like Papaya, Tapioca, Rubber and Pineapple into the country. 


The freedom struggle started in Kerala began with students protesting fee hike in 1922. Prominent people from the state who struggled for the freedom of India are: AK Gopalan, VK Krishna menon, K Kelappan, KP Kesava menon, AV Kuttimalu Amma, K Karunakaran, EMS Namboodirippad, Muhammad Abdulrahiman Sahib, and K. Kunhirama Kurup. 

After independence, a new state "Thirukochi" was formed on July 1, 1949.

Malabar and Thirukochi were merged together to form Kerala on November 1, 1956.  This day is celebrated as Kerala Piravi (Birth Day of Kerala).