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Saroma brings to you the powerhouse of outstanding and invaluable art forms, varied and unique but with its own merits…..

Saroma Holidays offers exciting packages for the art lovers an opportunity to absorb the rich tradition of Tamil Nadu, with the Carnatic music and Bharatnatyam, the classical dance form finding expression in almost every soul here…..

The state has a large number of folk dances - karakattam, mayilattam, oyilattam, poykkal kuthiraiyaattam, manattam and thippandattam etc.

The famous classical dance Bharatanatyam has its roots in Tamil Nadu. It is said that the dance form was created by Bharata Muni, a Hindu sage who wrote the “Natya Shastra”, the most important prehistoric treatise on classical Indian dance. The Natyanjali Dance Festival is held every year during February and March. The Mamallapuram Dance Festival is held every year during December and January in Mamallapuram.