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Chennai the capital city of Tamil Nadu is the forth largest metro city of India.The city is a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Chennai means “beautiful city”, their loyalty to its traditions and culture makes this city really fascinating…… preserving much of its traditional charm….. This 350 year old city is a gateway for the whole of south India…

Places to See

Marina Beach: The second longest beach in the world, stretching up to 4.5 kms, the whole expanse is filled with figurines of various prominent people of Tamilnadu. A walk along the shoreline is a good de-stressor….

Light House: A massive structure located in the southern end of the Marina beach adds glory to the golden sands….

Elliot’s Beach: Located in the coast south of marina is considered as a night beach as it is particularly popular among the youth …….a small Velankanni church and an Ashta-Lakshmi temple can be found  at the end of the church…..

Adyar Banyan Tree: This banyan tree in Adayar is considered as one of the largest trees in the world measuring 250ft from east to west and 238ft from north to south.. ……An ancient tree which offered its shade to many copious number of travelers.

Government Museum: Known as Pantheon complex during the times of the East India Company. Today this building houses Government Museum, National Art Gallery and Connemara Public Library….The government museum exhibits bronzes, paintings, artefacts and sculptures.