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The Mahabalipuram beach is famous for the numerous monuments that dot the region surrounding the beach….. These monuments built during the Pallava Dynasty, are considered to be “tour de force” of Dravidian architecture. Mahabalipuram was one of South India’s most important cultural centre and trade destinations.

UNESCO has selected the group of monuments of Mahabalipuram as a selected world heritage site.

Places to See

The Famous Shore temple: On the edge on a small hillock this temple is designed to catch the first rays of the sun….the two main sanctums are devoted to the powerful Hindu gods Shiva and Vishnu….The main Sanctum faces the sea. The interrelated reservoirs made to transform the temple into a water shrine have been closed down due to soil erosion…

Mandapas: The Mandapas… the graceful pillars, intricate sculptures adorning these mandapas are a witness to pallavan architecture….There are ten pavilions of which two are not completed….

Circular Rock (Krishna’s butter- ball): This depicts the two avatars of the Hindu god-the boar and the drawf.

Rathas: The eight temples built as chariots are made from gigantic rocks……for each a structure of wood has been built with the same detailing…