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Break free…from the hustle and bustle of life…..enjoy the peaceful and serene beaches of Puducherry…..with Saroma a multi-ethnic union territory famous for its serene town and historical heritage…

Puducherry, the capital of the union territory of Puducherry (which includes Pudhucherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam) and is located in the Coromadel coast of the Bay of Bengal. An exceptional thing about Pondicherry is –it spreads into several states. While Karaikal is in Tamil Nadu, Mahe is in Kerala, and Yanam is a part of Andhra Pradesh.

The tranquil seaside, archaic buildings, paved streets, traditional furniture, churches, mosques and mysticism makes this place appropriate for an unforgettable retreat…..

Places to See

Auroville: Auroville a collective city situated in Puducherry city, built to house 50000 people from around the globe… based on the  adage of Sri Aurobindo Ashram; people living here convert life into “Supramental Consciousness ” which intends to become a model city to the cities of future…… moving towards an harmonious future….

Mata Mandir: The meditation hall.

Auroville the ideal township devoted to experiment in human unity was a vision which came ton Mother- Mirra Alfassa in 1930’s. Based on the teachings of Sri Aurbindo, mother and Aurovilian Mita Radhakrishnan present insider’s observation of the inner path. The exquisite and serene meditation hall in the heart of Auroville is the “Mata Mandir”

Pondicherry Beach : Beaches in Pondicherry are exceptionally clean and neat with clean water and clear sand.

Arikamedu-a place of  huge historical significance is a wonderful tourist spot and  one of the must visit places in Pondicherry.  

Handicrafts and Shopping: Pondicherry is also a great place for shopping because of duty free service and low price. Famous for its handicrafts, perfumes, handmade paper, dolls, candles, pottery and textile industry made mostly in Aurbindo Ashram.