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Saroma takes you on an indolent stroll with the nature with wild life to accompany you …..An unique way to lift your spirits and rejuvenate you….   

Attractions of Vedanthangal

Bird Sanctuary: A paradise for the bird watchers…..The sight of numerous birds living on abundant trees twittering  and chatting away makes a lasting impression on our minds; the glimpses of migratory birds preparing to fly back to their respective countries is indeed a sight to see.

Prominent among these birds are Pelican, OpenBilled Stork, White Ibis, Brahminy Kite, PaintedStork, Snake Eagle, Cormorant, Egret, Spoonbill and many more such birds…….

Safaris: Bird watching can be de-stressing…watch these birds without their knowledge ….the sanctuary dotted with benches, watch towers and paved paths are good for this activity.

Park charges are Entry Fee : Rs. 5, Camera Fee : Rs. 25, Parking : Rs. 10