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Discover Maharashtra with our tour packages to an assortment of places and towns…..customized and tailor made tours packages made with just you in mind … explore Maharashtra and make a  Visit to  our assorted itineraries….we propose a tour for you with  your travel period and budget in mind 


During the 17th century, a new group of warrior people called the ‘Marathas’ came and took over Maharashtra from the rule of the Mughals. The origin of Marathas is still contentious, but what is known is that they stole the prominence from the great Mughals. The Britishers could establish their rule in India only after defeating the Marathas. Shivaji -was the first great ruler of Marathas and it was he who paved the way for future Maratha influence in this great country-India.


Situated in the northern center of peninsular India, Maharashtra is surrounded by the Arabian sea in the west, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh on the north, Madhya Pradesh in the east and Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh on the south. Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra; its name is originated from the ‘Goddess Mumba Devi’.

Climate: (deg C)-summer- Max 33.3, Min 22.7; Winter- Max 29.5, Min- 19.4, Rainfall: 212 cms (June to September)

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Reaching There

By Air: Mumbai (Bombay) is well linked to major cities of India.
By Rail: Well connected by rail to all major cities and towns of India.
By Road: Pune-163 kms, Nasik-185 kms, Mahabaleshwar- 239 kms, Shirdi- 307 kms, Aurangabad- 392 kms, Vadodara- 432 kms, Ahmedabad- 545 kms, Panaji- 597 kms, Hyderabad- 711 kms, Bangalore- 998 kms.