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Saroma takes you on a tour to Dubai. One of the worlds famous travel destinations. Explore and enjoy the attractions, culture and traditions of this mystic land.

Experience the luxurious and excellent hotels and resorts and have a great time shopping at the famous Dubai shopping festival.

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Dubai one of the best leisure destinations in the world is filled with shopping centers, luxurious hotels across the seaside lined with palm trees, sports and sand dunes. A trading and commercial hub of the Middle East, Dubai is a destination combining the traditions of the east with the comforts of the west.

Remote Bedouin villages and an array of five-star hotels, Dubai brings together the comforts of the western world with the adventure of Arabia. Dubai offers a wide choice of luxury modern accommodation in the city, on the beach or in the mountains.

There are city tours, excursions to the desert, through the wadis (dried up river beds), to the starkly beautiful Hajar mountains and to the sandy beaches of the East Coast on the waters of the Indian Ocean. Helicopter, boat and dhow tours, fishing, golf, archaeology and bird watching are some more attractions.

Dubai is a great destination for shopping because of the city’s tax-free status. Modern air-conditioned malls offer a wide range of electronics goods, hi-fi, cameras, watches, textiles, perfumes and cosmetics.

The ancient “souks” or markets are filled with spices, dry fruits antiques, rugs, and silverware.

The city is also one of the world’s great gold trading places. Huge malls and streets of shops sell a dazzling array of gold ornaments to suit every taste are found here.