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South East Asia

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Visit South East Asia and plan a trip to some of the fantastic travel destinations in the world including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. 

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Southeast Asia is a great destination as most of the states have a tropical climate. The states are filled with pristine beaches and islands, low prices, good connectivity and great cuisine. Scuba diving, angling, mountain climbing, water rafting, kayaking, safaris, sand dunes, great sky scrappers and world heritage buildings and much more are all packed into the destinations of South East Asia.

Some of the gorgeous destinations in South East Asia are:  

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Brunei - tiny oil-rich sultanate in Borneo .

Cambodia - . recovering from decades of war and home of Angkor

East Timor - A new state formed at the eastern tip of Indonesia .

Indonesia - the giant, the largest archipelagic country in the world, with more than 18,000 islands

Laos - the forgotten, but growing, country of South-East Asia, landlocked by Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Malaysia - multicultural country covering the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur and the jungle headhunters of Borneo.

Myanmar (Burma) -a military dictatorship open to the adventurous traveler

Philippines - freewheeling former Spanish and American colony with over 7,100 islands and beautiful tropical beaches.

Singapore - clean and orderly island-city state.

Thailand - the most popular destination in the region.

Vietnam - firmly marching down the long road to capitalism .