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Come explore and treasure the tour of the Singapore, an amazing amalgamation of the east with the west. Experience the Clean& hygienic places, a great nightlife and some of the world’s best shopping malls.

Get immersed in the tropical greenery, the hidden nooks of this mesmerizing city and glimpses of its original Asian identity with Saromas exclusive packages made especially for you to have a great holiday…..

Singapore's skyline synonymous with skyscrapers and shopping, the distinctive minarets of mosques, spires of gothic cathedrals, intricate figurines of Hindu temple gods and distinctive roof architecture of Chinese temples. The main religions are Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism.

Places to See :-

Asian Civilization Museum: The Asian Civilization Museum is a form of the three museums of the National Museums of Singapore.

Escape Theme Park: This is the island’s biggest outdoor theme park. The rides at the park are awesome. Park thrills and excites you with its huge range of wet and dry rides.

Kent Ridge Park: The Park is serene. It offers you the most magnificent views of the off-shore islands such as the Pulau Duran Darat.

Merlion: The Merlion is to welcome all visitors to Singapore. Standing tall at 8.6 meters high and weighs as heavy as 70 tonnes, it was designed since 1964. It is originally located at the mouth of the Singapore River.

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Night Safari: The Night Safari is the first wildlife park built especially to be viewed at night unlike the traditional nocturnal houses elsewhere. This place occupies 40 hectares of land, ranging animals from South America and other parts of Asia.

Creatures of the night show- The nonstop action with a star cast that includes Puma, Python, Barn Owls, Raccoons and more. The show demonstrates the comportment and unbelievable abilities of these animals, ranging from predatory to survival skills. It starts at around 2100hrs and goes on for half an hour.

Pulau Ubin: A small island, shaped like a boomerang, this island is off the northeastern coast of Singapore main island. This could be the very last kampung or village in Singapore. Pulau Ubin has a rustic air remisent of old Singapore. To reach this place, take a ferry at Changi to Pulau Ubin. The place is calm and devoid of the hustle bustle of the main cities.



Singapore Johore Battery at Changi: The Johore Battery is a war memorial site in Singapore that dates back to the early 1940s. Some of the other major coastal batteries were the Pasir Laba Battery, Labrador Battery and the Fort Siloso Battery. 

Little India: Little India is a replica of India in Singapore. Strong scent of spices, jasmine garlands, silverware, wood carvings, brassware and colorful silk saris create a small India in this island nation. In 19th century, Indian immigrants arrived to find work here, be it as laborers to build roads or to take up prominent positions in the civil service.

Little India holds number of Indian temples, which tell about Indian architecture and temple rituals. Little India Cultural Corner helps one journey through history. Symbolism, which is a dominant feature of Indian architecture, can easily be noticed.

Feng Shui

Singapore gives you a peep at Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art which teaches us to harness the powers of nature for our well-being. Some historical streets would suggest how the feng shui specialty of Singapore has influenced the design of many buildings there. Understand the role of feng shui philosophy behind the structure of Suntec City.


Chinese Opera at Singapore is a great entertainment. Largest Chinese ethnic centre in town is Kreta Ayer or China Town. Kreta Ayer People’s Theater is considered the main venue in Singapore for Chinese opera.

New Singapore

New Singapore is full of sky-kissing buildings, state-of-the-art transport, and entertainment and communication centers. Science is employed with great affect for providing entertainment to the people, and Volcano Land as well as 4D Magix are two glittering examples of this fact.


Wildlife, gardens and marine life destinations leave tourists spell bound. Some of these are the best in the world.

Botanical Gardens

One of the world's largest botanical reserves, the Botanical Gardens, sprawling over 52 hectares of land, is the home of more than 600,000 plant specimens. Orchid Garden, main attraction within the Botanical Gardens, has collection of 2,000 hybrids of orchids. 

Jurong Bird Park

Located at the west end of Singapore, the Jurong Bird Park has more than 9,000 varieties of birds. It is the largest and most remarkable bird park in Southeast Asia. The Park also holds the world's tallest artificial waterfall.


Birds and buddies show-The famous All Star Bird Show has been renamed as Birds n Buddies Show. This popular show is a joint effort with Pieter Grove, an international Las Vegas creative show specialist. The popular bird show comprises new props which stages, 13 costumed characters. Each of these characters represents the various birds seen in the park. Some of these costumed characters include Pedro the Pelican, Cranky the Crow, Vulcan the Vulture, Toukie the Toucan, Rocky the Penguin, Pecky the Woodpecker, and the five Macaws called Molly, Polly, Maxine, Messi and Macho. Come and enjoy a close encounter with some of the violent flying predators of nature


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Highest man-made waterfalls Aviary

A nature lovers delight ,it is hard to assimilate the fact that this worlds highest waterfall set 98 ft high is a man made one. Located in Asia’s biggest bird park-Jurong Bird park is a very attractive and cool place.

Park & Reserves

The island is full with beautiful parks and reserves

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo has many exciting sections that make it unique. The Children's World, Primate Kingdom, Enclosure for Loan Animals, Heliconia Valley, Under Water Viewing Exhibits, and Reptile Garden make the Zoo an exhilarating experience.

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Underwater World

Underwater World is a marvelous way of presenting marine life for viewing.  Situated on Sentosa Island, it takes the visitors to the bottom of the sea. The journey begins at the sandy beaches and shallow rock pools at the edge. The visitors tunnel through brightly colored corals and exciting residents of ocean, reaching, at last, to a marvellous 83-meter long acrylic tunnel. Here, the tourists can watch huge schools of fish, dangerous predators and number of other creatures.


Night Ocean Tour

Take a tour of the underwater world at night for an interesting encounter with the marine life. As part of the nation’s New Year celebrations, witness the special New Year mascots representing the Chinese astrological signs in the green blue water.




Earlier known by the name of Pulau Blakang Mati ("The Island After Death" in Malay) and the centerpiece of Britain's spectacularly unsuccessful "Fortress Singapore" strategy in World War II. Sentosa is today one big tourist attraction, popular among Singaporeans as a quick island getaway. The island offers a few star attractions - Underwater World and Singapore's best beaches. 

Reaching There:

All transportation around Sentosa (except taxis) is free.

By bus - Three colored shuttle bus services — Yellow Line, Red Line and Blue Line — connect Imbiah Station to various points on the island. Buses run from 7AM-11PM on weekdays and until 12:30 AM on Fri/Sat.

By train - Beach trams and minivans shuttle people along the beaches every 15-20 minutes.

By monorail - The old round-the-island Sentosa Monorail was decommissioned in March 2005 to make way for the new Sentosa Express, which can also be used to shuttle between the beaches and Imbiah Station.

Dolphin Lagoon  - At Dolphin Lagoon watch the highly intelligent dolphin in close quarters. Through a series of interactive training sessions, one gets an opportunity to understand the amazing creatures.

Songs of the Sea - Get ready to plummet in the magical charm of the nightly burlesque set in the sea. Songs of the sea is a mesmerizing live show with dramatic effects made from firecrackers, water jets, lasers, entrancing music and stunning fire shows.A must see on your itineraries.

Tiger sky tower- Singapore's tallest observatory tower is 131 metres above sea level. It is located adjacent to the Sentosa cable car station. It offers a panoramic view of Singapore, Sentosa, Southern Islands, right up to neighboring Malaysia and the Indonesian islands. The Tiger Sky Tower has 72 air-conditioned cabins. Day and the night, views from the tower is both beautiful and breathtaking, the Tiger Sky Tower is a key point of interest and forms a distinct milestone as it soars above the natural greenery surrounding it.

Sentosa Luge &Sky ride- Enjoy the Sentosa Luge & Sky ride -the first ever luge in Southeast Asia. Part go-cart, part-toboggan, pure excitement – the luge is a fun-filled gravity ride that's safe for all ages. With an unique steering and braking system, to make the ride as relaxed or as adventurous as you want. Experience the Sentosa Luge & Sky ride during the day or at night as now it operates from10am in the morning all the way till late at night.

Come on, discover this new experience now!

The merlion & merlion walk- the biggest reproduction of Singapore's most enduring symbol - The Merlion. Standing at 37 metres high, this half-lion, half-fish creature brings you to the depth of the sea as you walk side-by-side with renowned sea dragons and mythological mermaids.

The fascinating Merlion & Merlion Walk, 120 meters long, in Sentosa includes an exquisite sightseeing; this includes the unique Merlion Statue. It is the most enduring symbol of Singapore.  

Haw Par Villa (Tiger Balm Gardens)


Haw Par Villa, also called the Tiger Balm Gardens, was originally constructed in 1937 by "Tiger Balm King" Aw Boon Haw as a grand residence for his younger brother, Aw Boon Par, who helped create their fortune with the analgesic balm. 


Aw Boon Haw then fashioned an entertainment park to teach and preserve Chinese values. The park's colorful collection of over 150 giant tableaux and 1,000 statues are centered around Chinese folklore, legends, history, and Confucian ideology. 

Attractions include -  Scowling 7,000-kg gorilla, A monstrous sumo wrestler, The Statue of Liberty, The Ten Courts of Hell, Water Gardens and live fishes, Thai Dancers, Panda, Ostrich, Koala Bear and more.

The Jade House' - is a new addition to Haw Par Villa. It displays a wide collection of Jades that Aw Family has collected. It is open daily.

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Tiger Car' -  This is also a new attraction. It's a vintage car dressed up to look like a tiger. It's a replica of the 'Tiger Car' that the late Mr. Aw Boon Haw owned. The 'Garage' is open daily. This is also a new attraction. It's a vintage car dressed up to look like a tiger. It's a replica of the 'Tiger Car' that the late Mr. Aw Boon Haw owned. The 'Garage' is open daily.

The Quay experience- Experience Singapore by the night with the wonderful Quay experience. Spend your evening on the Quay dining by the riverside, watching the boats pass under your feet. After dinner, take a tour to Singapore's vibrant Night Market, Bugis Street and to the famous Raffles Hotel. Enjoy a Singapore at its best.