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Srilanka!! The land of  Sedate Beaches, breathtaking landscapes, lazy lagoons, fertile wetlands, mystifying jungles, copious rivers, flirty waterfalls, thriving wildlife, challenging water sports, colonial forts, ancient cities, arts and crafts, princely festivals and charming  people of diverse ethnicity and religion. It is surprising how much an island with an area of 65,525km can pack into itself!

Places to See and things to do:

Colombo: The busy and vibrant commercial captial of Srilanka is a moziac of colonial buildings and ruins, coporate offices, restaurants and entertainments centers .Bargain in the Pettah market or visit Viharamahadevi Park with a mini zoo and children's play area or check out Galle Face, a promenade which stretches for half kilometre along the coast .You may also pamper your taste buds at the best restaurents in the city. In Colombo, you will always find yourself occupied in fun!

Sigiriya: The wonder and grandeur of Sigiriya (Lion's rock), an ancient rock fortress and palace ruin will still leave you breathless.It was beuilt in the 5th century AD to ward off a feared invasion.You will find splendid water gardens, 5th century rock paintings of well endowed damsels, a 1000-year-old graffiti, a couple of enormous stone lion paws and ofcourse, tremendous views.

Galle fort:  Built first by the Portuguese, then modified by the Dutch during the 17th century, Galle Fort is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy a walk around the coastal ramparts, colonial villas and take in the regal atmosphere around you. There are also several interesting buildings from early British times including an early 20th century lighttower. So ramble around the streets with red- tiled houses on one side and the blue ocean on the other and have an experience of a lifetime!Galle is also a centre for crafts that include lace-making, ebony-carving and gem-polishing.










Kandy:Built around a magnificent lake set in the hills, Kandy mirrors the harmony and multiplicity of the people and culture of Srilanka.When in Kandy, one must visit Dalada Maligawa, also know as the "Temple of Tooth" which houses the sacred tooth of Buddha. Kandy also has a small but first-rate National Museum, , the scenic Peradeniya Botanic Gardens, and the Udawattakelle Sanctuary, a peaceful haven for birdlife. There are also loads of exquisite walks around Kandy, one of which leads to the Mahaweli, where you may see elephants being bathed. 

Holy Adam's Peak: Journey to the Holy Adam's Peak, a climb of 2243m (7362 ft) to see the enormous "footprint".  Muslims claim that the footprint belongs to Adam while Buddhists  believe it belongs to Buddha.Regardless, Hindus believe it belongs to Lord Shiva. Whatever the legend, it has served as a mystic pilgrimage destination for over 1000 years!

Hikkaduwa: Famous for its beach and corals, Hikkaduwa is an ideal place for nature lovers. With good restaurents, accommodations and pleasant cafe-lined beaches, lazing around is a tempting option. But Hikkaduwa lures you to towardswatersports. So you might find yourself scuba diving at a number of wrecks in the bay, surfing, enjoying excursion by glass-bottomed boats or snorkeling at the delightful and accessible coral sanctuary. You can also checkout the handicraft shops, a nearby Buddhist temple and other attractions.








Anuradhapura: Get the taste of ancient Lankan civilization at the most important ancient city of Sri Lanka. The city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, houses captivating ruins of  bell-shaped stupas built of small sun-dried bricks,  ancient drinking-water reservoirs, sculptures, all testimony of an advanced civilization.There’re lots to see in the area besides the ruins, such as the Sacred Bo-Tree, the Thuparama Dagoba, the Jetavanarama Dagoba numerous museums. The best way to explore the area is by bicycle.