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Come and discover the palm fringed islands bordered with aquamarine seas, pristine beaches, rich culture, flashy shopping malls, stylish boutiques and colorful markets packed full of wonderful bargains.

Thailand is a place which caters to the most diverse group of travelers with its mixture of traditional and tantalizing destinations like Bangkok, Phuket and many more…Travel with Saroma Holidays to this authentic place for a memorable vacation…

Regions of Thailand can be divided into five geographic and cultural regions. Each region has some great places to visit and is an unique experience.

Northern Thailand - Chiang Mai, hill tribes, and the Golden Triangle

Isaan - the great undeveloped north-east – here get off the beaten track and discover backcountry Thailand and some magnificent Khmer ruins .

Central Plains - Bangkok, lowlands and historic Thailand.

Eastern Thailand - beaches and islands within easy reach of Bangkok, like Pattaya, Ko Samet and Ko Chang.

Southern Thailand – This region has hundreds of kilometers of coastline and countless islands on both the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, plus Phuket, Krabi, Ko Samui, Ko Tao and many more of Thailand's famous beach spots.

Bangkok - Thailand's bustling, frenetic capital has grown as a popular tourist destination in Asia. The thrilling capital city of Bangkok with its classic white sands, beautiful beaches, elephant treks through the jungle, opulent cuisine, wonderful hotels and spas to cater tourists from all walks of life ,makes this place a  ostensible ‘Land of Smiles’.

Ayutthaya - a historical city, UNESCO World Heritage Site and old capital of Thailand

Chiang Mai - the capital of the North and the heart of Lanna culture

Chiang Rai - gateway to the Golden Triangle

Hat Yai - largest city in the Southern region

Kanchanaburi - home of the Bridge over the River Kwai

Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat) - main city in the Isaan region

Pattaya - one of the main tourist destinations

Sukhothai - Thailand's first capital

Surat Thani - Main city of Ko Samui Ko Pha Ngan Ko Tao and Srivijaya Empire.

Islands & beaches:

The South is made up of 14 provinces from Chumphon in the north down to the Malaysian border 1,200 kilometres from Bangkok. It has a long coastline on either side with sandy beaches and offshore islands on both, and a rugged central hinterland of mountains and forests.

The east coast on the Gulf of Thailand always seems to be more relaxed, with long, wide bays and calm seas; the Andaman Sea coast tends to be more rugged and exhilarating, with its strange limestone rock formations and cliffs.

Ko Lipe - Small island in the middle of Tarutao National Park amazingly unspoilt, great reefs and beaches absolutely stunning, a must see.

Ko Chang - once quiet island undergoing major tourism development

Krabi - Southern beach and water sports Mecca, includes Ao Nang, Ko Phi Phi and Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta - sleepy southern island with rapidly developing tourism

Ko Pha Ngan - site of the famous Full Moon Party with miles of quiet coastline

Ko Samet - the nearest island beach escape from Bangkok

Ko Samui - comfortable, nature, and entertainment hippie mecca gone upmarket

Ko Tao - Small Island neighbor of Samui

Phuket - the original Thai paradise island now very developed but still with some beautiful beaches remaining

Rai Leh - stunning beach by the limestone cliffs of Krabi, rock climbers mecca

National Parks:

The mountains, rivers and forests in the national parks in the interior of the peninsula are also gaining popularity with eco-tourists, as can be seen with the growing numbers of safari expeditions on foot, by elephant and in canoes.  

Tarutao National Park - in Satun Province

Ang Thong National Marine Park - in Surat Thani Province

Khao Sok National Park - in Surat Thani Province

Ko Phi Phi - Thailands largest Marine National Park and backpacker favorite where The Beach was filmed

Khao Yai National Park - in Isaan

Ko Chang National Park - in Trat Province

Similan Islands - in Phang Nga province


Phuket is southern region of Thailand is the largest island. It is 48 km in length, 21 km at its widest part. Located on the west-facing Andaman Sea coastline and suspended from the southern tip of Phang Nga Province by a pair of short but substantial road bridges.


Krabi Province is on the west coast of Southern Thailand, and shares borders with Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Phang Nga Province, Satun Province and Surat Thani Province, as well as the Andaman Sea.

Krabi, a coastal province, abounds with countless natural attractions that never fail to impress tourists. Such attractions include white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, fascinating coral reefs, caves and waterfalls, as well as, numerous islands.

The distinguishing feature of both Krabi and neighboring Phang Nga is the massive limestone karsts, rising vertiginously out of the flat rice paddies on land and as islands from the sea. Excellent scuba diving and rock climbing are great tourist attractions.


Pattaya is a popular resort on the North Gulf Coast of Eastern Thailand, 150 km south-east of Bangkok. Pattaya is most famous for its bars and sex industry. It also attracts local families and holidaymakers from far and wide. Efforts by the local authorities over the past few years have improved the quality of the beaches.