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Gift Certificates :
A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Saroma is pleased to offer travel gift certificates – allowing you to give what may well be the most memorable and cherished gift possible – the joy of travel!

Personal Gifts to Mark Special Occasions
A travel gift certificate from Saroma is a flexible and unique gift. It will be cherished long after most other gifts are forgotten or have lost ther value.
Whether to celebrate a special occasion, birthday, a romance, or just because, consider the gift of travel to mark the occasion for years to come.

 Incentive Awards & Corporate Gifts
Travel is also a great incentive gift, an ideal reward to recognize the achievements of your key employees or business colleagues.
A gift certificate may be purchased in any amount. It will act as a credit toward any travel purchase the recipient chooses to make with Saroma – to anywhere in the world! Or if you prefer, you can purchase a specific trip.
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