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Heal & Holiday

Saroma Exclusives giving you matchless memories, making your travel experiences a dream, taking care of your vacations, pampering you and many more on offer….  

Saroma gifts you with a holiday where you take home a whole new you- bursting with energy and life. Take advantage of our Heal & Holiday trips which combine the benefits of relaxing at exotic get -a- ways with holistic Ayurvedic Treatments.

Enjoy and experience world class holidays at affordable prices and the benefit of all this while you are on a vacation.

Looking great, feeling better and giving you memories to smile with Saromas exclusively designed tours.

Mecca of the oldest system of holistic medicine -Kerala is not just the land that preserved and revived Ayurveda, the 'science of life'; it is also a place where you can avail medical treatment of first-world standards. It is India's most advanced society and yet its natural attractions are among the oldest extant.

 Heal N Holiday

From beaches to waterfalls and backwater to hill-station - Kerala's breathtaking beauty, organic cuisine and the warmth of its people are some of the reasons why this place has become the perfect healing spot.

More than a holiday - it's better living!

Imagine a holiday where you take home more than photographs and souvenirs - you take a whole new you - full of vitality & life. With the help of Saroma discover the 'science of well-being'.

Take advantage of our 'Heal & Holiday' trips - a unique concet introduced by Saroma for the first time in India. Combine the benefits of relaxing in exotic getaways with holistic Ayurveda treatments, the care of expert dentists and eye (including exclusive cataract treatments) specialists, get slimming cures and erase age signs, non-surgically - you return home not only looking younger but feeling better!

World-class healthcare at incredibly affordable prices - and all this while on holiday at a 'Destination of a lifetime'

Natural healing: Ayurveda is the most holistic approach to the science of medicine and healthier living today. According to this science, both internal and external factors act upon us to disturb the natural balance of one's constitution and the adverse effects are reflected in our health. Causes may vary from one's emotional state, diet habits, physical trauma, work & relationships.

Ayurvedic treatments help nullify or minimize the imbalance and rejuvenate the mind and body for long term good health. From anti-aging procedures to cures for diabetes - Ayurvedic is nature's way of providing good health minus the pains and side-effects of usual western medicine.

Fitness and cosmetic treatments: Looking good contributes a great deal to the feel good factor. The perfect body complemented by flawless skin and perfect features is a dream that can now be yours -
Lypolysis, a breakthrough in non-surgical body technology that destroys excess fat cells by sending ultra-sound beams to the problematic areas makes it possible to give you a body that would make even beauty pageant winners turn green with envy. Apart from slimming & firming there are skilled plastic/reconstructive surgeons, cosmetologists, dermatologists and laser specialists whose expertise can help you reverse time and make you look years younger or simply hide flaws.

Look great - feel even better!

Dental health: 'A smile is worth a thousand words' in other words - your smile speaks for yourself.
Not all of us are blessed with the perfect set of pearly whites that we can proudly flash. 
It is possible to be the proud owner of a dazzling set of teeth! 

From root canals to corrective dental braces and dental implants to teeth-whitening, your dental woes are taken care of at the hands of our expert and renowned professionals in the field of dentistry. International quality standards in dental care at incredibly affordable rates - giving you the reason to smile and then smile some more!

Eye care: Watch a movie with a friend - see your little one grow - admire the colors of the rainbow....to be able to see is a gift taken for granted by most and yet revered by those who have trouble seeing.

Most eye-disorders can be cured and future diseases can be prevented. Combining cutting edge technology for cataract correction procedures and other eye ailments with quality and efficient zero-waiting period services for better vision is an option that is easily available when you holiday with Saroma.

We go a step further in providing outstanding eye care options by incorporating a holistic approach through Ayurvedic treatments. Eye- diseases including Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Macular degeneration, Glaucoma, Kerato Conus, Myopic degeneration has been cured using effective natural remedies that have made Ayurveda a much sought after alternative to allopathic medicine.

Saroma is driven by management and tourism professionals from Kerala who have worked across the globe. Our knowledge of the land, its people and culture is backed by our background knowledge of the health industry and complemented by an inter-cultural sophistication and quality of services.

The Saroma advantages 
- Intimate knowledge of Kerala
- Owned resources
- Personal attention to our clients
- A wide network of holiday and health tourism consultants

We offer professional services, but the hospitality is part of our lives. 


• Cataract surgery
• Allopathic treatment for Glaucoma
• Ayurvedic treatments for various eye-diseases such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Macular degeneration, Glaucoma,    Kerato Conus, Myopic degeneration and other diseases.
• Removal of under eye bags and dark circles
• Slimming
• Spot reduction on specified areas and Body sculpting
• Double chin removal
• Gynaecomastia (male breast removal)
• Wrinkles removal
• Photo rejuvenation
• Hair removal by laser
• Rosacea
• Reduction of spider veins and leg veins
• Melasma
• Skin rejuvenation - chemical peels & microdermabration
• Dermal fillers - Botox & Restylane
• Removal of chicken pox marks, facial scars, warts, Seborrhea Keratosis and moles
• Acne treatments
• Lypolysis - destruction of fat cells
• Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
• Brachis plasty
• Thigh plasty
• Plastic breast surgery - Augmentation, tightening and reduction
• Rhino plasty
• Brow lift
• Keloid
• Dental implants
• Dental, Oral & Maxillofacial surgery
• Cosmetic dentistry - space/gap closure, smile designing, rehabilitation of teeth, post crown, tooth jewellery, fashion braces, whitening,
• Gum treatments